the bats and the arrow

Today i am going to talk about some news and cool things that have been announced. So without further ado lets get on with the cool stuff. Its been announced that in the Arrow episode “The Climb” Ra’s Al Ghul will make a appearance. also on gotham all the characters in gotham are not safe because bruno heller has stated that he will kill off any character he choses even if its James Gordon and in the new lego batman movie it will feature every cinematic batman, from Adam West to Christian Bale. While lord and miller are not involved in the lego batman movie. Also prototypeZ studio a renewed figure maker has released images of a new line of nightwing models that are to be released in the next few day. Its Batman vs Batman in this weeks issue of Futures End! Finally readers get to see the long awaited confrontation between Batman and Batman Beyond. Terry has been stealthy throughout the series thus far , but it seems his luck has finally run thats it for this weeks blog and i will see you guys next time bye 1212348-batmen24gacrp-630x210



Hi I’m Arthur and this is my blog on the dc universe i will focus on batman and his gang but I will talk about comics films and funny little facts I will put a post up every Saturday and Sunday so that will be awesome. Onto the more awesome stuff. First something really funny but if you knew this then oops but on Lego batman 3 you can play as the best animal BATCOW! Which is really fun to play as and Dexter who has all the lantern powers. So thanks for reading I’m looking forward to tomorrow bye p.s they will be longer next time